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Интернет магазин мебели в Краснодаре

Интернет магазин мебели в Краснодаре

Выбирайте диваны, кухонные гарнитуры, готовые гостиные, спальни, детские для своей квартиры. Предлагаем предметы интерьера от ведущих российских производителей: МФ «РИИКМ», «Лером», «Интерьер Центр», «Моби», «Леко», «Фабрика стульев», «БТС», «Олмеко», «Е1»

Со скидками до 50 %

Модульная кухня Кёльн комп.2

Сакура шкаф-купе 1,14м (МИФ)

Шкаф-купе Элегия 1,5м

Оникс 2 Лайт Стандарт 2

Комод Стандарт №1 NEW

Шкаф-купе Бася 1,3 м (ве-к)

Дельта-Лофт-20.02.01 кровать чердак с рабочей поверхностью

Шкаф купе Трио Медиум 1800х2200 - трехдверный ЛДСП / Зеркало / ЛДСП

Из каких материалов сделан каркас дивана?5 ноября 2021
Порядок в шкафу или зачем нужны штанги?1 ноября 2021
Что нужно знать о механизмах трансформации?29 октября 2021

Модульная мебель для детской

По отзывам покупателей, которые хотят купить детскую мебель в Иваново, они все чаще выбирают не привычные, но не всегда удобные кроватки и стенки. У нас имеются современные удобные сборные модульные модели мебели, которые можно недорого приобрести в нашем интернет-магазине.

В набор модулей может входить десять и более предметов из которых можно собрать индивидуальный проект спальни. Вы имеете возможность выбрать в нашем каталоге по фото наиболее понравившиеся модели, скомпоновать их по вашему вкусу и подарить дорогому сыну или дочке комплект для детской комнаты, который невозможно найти ни в одном мебельном салоне в Иваново!

Where to find Pascal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Where to find pascal animal crossing new horizons
© Nintendo

Pascal is an otter that swims around the edges of your island’s water space. To find Pascal the first time, you need to dive underwater and collect a Scallop. You can do this by looking for bubbles while swimming. Make sure you grab a wetsuit so that you can head into the water, then swim around until you see a number of bubbles rising from the sea bed. Dive underwater and collect whatever’s down there.

There are many different sea creatures hiding on the ocean floor – y ou can click here for a full list – but eventually you’ll collect a scallop. When you do this, you’ll notice Pascal pop up in the background of your screen before swimming over. He’ll ask if you can give him the Scallop. Say yes, and in return he’ll hand over a special recipe. After doing this you’ll be able to see Pascal swimming around the back edges of your island’s waterways, but you can’t speak with him without finding more Scallops.

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Animal crossing new horizons pascal
© Nintendo

Related: Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creatures list

So to recap, if you want to find Pascal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons then you need to start diving for Scallops. He’s otterly obsessed with them, and will only come over for a chat when you find them. For more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides, be sure to visit our game hub by clicking here!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — How to find Pascal

There are a bunch of new Mermaid DIY recipes to find with the new update and you’ll be able to create the likes of Mermaid dressers and chairs. You’ll need to find Scallops in the ocean by swimming and diving. You can check out our Sea Creature guide here for tips on how to find Scallops.

Once you’ve found some Scallops, Pascal, a friendly little otter, will pop up and ask you if he can have your Scallop and in return, he’ll give you a Mermaid DIY recipe. Pascal won’t appear every time you catch a Scallop — that would be too easy — but just hang on to them and keep searching for them until he reappears.

It’s not clear if he appears only once a day or once a week, but he will reappear eventually. There’s also a chance he’ll give you a Pearl, so hold on to it as you’ll need it to craft your new Mermaid items.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — All Mermaid DIY items

There’s a bunch of cool mermaid-themed items available to collect from Pascal, though you’ll need the likes of Giant Clams, Sand Dollars and Iron Nuggets alongside Pearls to do so. There are also Mermaid dresses, shoes and a tiara you can obtain from Pascal, too.

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Как разобрать кресло кровать на части для перевозки видео
Mermaid DIY recipeMaterials needed
Mermaid BedTwo Pearls, two Giant Clams, five Sand Dollars
Mermaid ChairPearl, two Giant Clams, two Sand Dollars
Mermaid DresserTwo Pearls, Giant Clam, three Coral
Mermaid SofaPearl, 10 Sand Dollars
Mermaid TablePearl, four Sand Dollars
Mermaid Vanity TablePearl, Giant Clam, two Coral, 2 Iron Nuggets
Mermaid WardrobeTwo Pearls, Giant Clam, two Coral, five Sand Dollars
Mermaid LampPearl, three Conch, two Coral, two Iron Nuggets
Mermaid ScreenTwo Pearls, three Giant Clams, five Sand Dollars
Mermaid ShelfPearl, Giant Clam, four Coral
Mermaid Wall ClockPearl, three Sea Snails, two Coral, two Iron Nuggets
Mermaid RugPearl, three Sand Dollars
Mermaid FlooringTwo Pearls, five Sand Dollars, five Stones
Mermaid WallpaperTwo Pearls, two Sea Snails, two Sand Dollars, two Coral, 2 Giant Clams

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — How to find Pearls

Pearls you can find by diving and looking for Sea Creatures but they are pretty rare. Unlike Pearl Oysters, Pearls can’t be donated to Blathers though they can be sold for a whopping 10,000 Bells each, though you’d do well to hold on to them to build all your new Mermaid furniture and items.

The rest of the materials you’ll need are fairly easy to find along the beach and on your island.

We’ll be updating this list with any more recipes we find, so check back soon. In the meantime, you can check out our July update guide here, as well as where to find every Sea Creature, Fish and Bug in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to find pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want to make anything from the Mermaid set, then your first job is to hunt down some pearls.


Pearls, like sea creatures, can be found by diving. Simply swim over to the nearest set of bubbles and hope that what you find is a pearl. They are, however, very rare, so don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to find one.


Pascal might also occasionally offer to trade a pearl for one of the scallops you find.


Good luck finding Pascal and completing the Mermaid set!

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High-Intensity Action Movies Like Extraction

1. 6 Underground (2019)

Michael Bay might as well be synonymous with “action movie,” and 6 Underground proves it. The movie is about six highly trained and skilled individuals brought together to literally delete their past. Peter Dubrage wrote in Variety of the film, “Within the first six minutes, Michael Bay destroys a plane, a motorcycle, three cars, countless pedestrians and the dignity of three Italian nuns. I’m fairly certain that Ryan Reynolds — who heads up the film’s off-the-grid vigilante squad, for whom this made-for-Netflix action bonanza is named — also kills a high-ranking Mafia lawyer, although the action comes so fast and so furious that it’s hard to say.” Give. It. To. Me.

2. Triple Frontier (2019)

Come for the star-studded cast — Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal — and stay for the classic action and great location. In the flick, they play a bunch of estranged Special Force operatives who are reunited to take down a Colombian drug kingpin. Netflix shelled out a massive amount of dough for the film — $115 million, to be exact, which is way more than studios would have paid for the same sort of thing. The budget led to some high expectations, resulting in mixed reviews, per IndieWire. But sitting down and seeing it for yourself is a must.

3. Close (2019)

Noomi Rapace — a refreshing casting choice for an action movie — stars in this Netflix film. She plays a bodyguard tasked with protecting an heiress, though things quickly get out of hand. The plot drags a bit, but Rapace is stellar in the movie. Indiewire reported in its review, “At its best, Close is the kind of grounded, back-to-basics action movie that feels like a breath of fresh air at a time when the genre is being suffocated by CGI-driven spectacles.”

4. Rogue (2020)

Ready for another women-led action movie? Us, too. Rogue was co-written by M.J. Bassett and her daughter, Isabella, and stars Megan Fox as a mercenary on a mission to extract hostages in Africa. Not only is she taking out bad guys, but she also fights a lion. More of this, please!

5. Mile 22 (2018)

Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, and Ronda Rousey star as elite CIA agents in this Peter Berg directed flick. Berg also worked with Wahlberg on Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day, which means this is a bonafide action flick. Although in full disclosure, the reviews aren’t great. The Guardian‘s review reads, “It is a chaotically undisciplined and aggressive action movie, coked-up on its own machismo, with loads of stuff about what the special forces need to do to keep all the whiny, ungrateful civilians safe.” But aren’t action flicks supposed to be kind of dumb? Yes. Hit play anyway.

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